IGF 2022 BPF Cybersecurity

Building on the so far work, the goal of the 2022 BPF on Cybersecurity is to continue identifying further cybersecurity initiatives, bring the voices of those most affected by cybersecurity events forward, and to analyze the complex interplay between norms and cybercrime legislation. The BPF on Cybersecurity will continue informing and supporting the discussion, development and assessment taking place in the UN GGE and OEWG exercise and elsewhere. Particularly, the work will continue developing around the following domains: 

  • Identifying further initiatives, their relative scope, and explore areas of disagreement exists between mapped cyber norms;
  • Recognize the voices of those most affected by cybersecurity events, bring them forward to learn where norms development would have benefited from their input;
  • Explore the complex interplay between norms and cybercrime legislation and  identify where these efforts support each other, collide, or impact the overall work of mitigating impacts major cybersecurity events. This aligns closely to the work currently happening under the auspices of the United Nations Ad Hoc Committee on Cybercrime.

The community engagement will continue to happen over a dedicated mailing list. All interested stakeholders are most welcome to subscribe through this link.

Read more about BPF 2021 as the foundation for this year's work.



  • Join the BPF Cybersecurity outreach session @ RightsCon  on Thursday 9 June  at 21:15 UTC  (session link for RightsCon registered participants)

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